Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family in Strange Places

Well, maybe Brussels isn't one of the strangest places I've been, but it's certainly not the usual place for a small-scale family reunion! I was fortunate enough to be able to meet up with my cousin Laura & her husband David, as well as Kelsey and her beau. The three of us gals met in Brussels with the significant others from three other nationalities, and it was a hoot :)

First, we met an MBA friend, Alex, for lunch:

Then we had dinner with Laura and David at a yummy local restaurant:

Walking through downtown after dinner:

Then we chilled at one of Laura & David's favorite digs...a comfy couch bar:

THEN, on Sunday Soeren ran the Brussels 20k with some of his friends! That's a half marathon. Crazy, right?

We all parted ways on Sunday evening, and Soeren and I went back to Germany. But on a Thursday, that was a German holiday, we drove 90 minutes next-door to Maastrict, Netherlands for a little day trip. The nicest part was downtown, and the climb up the church to the tower:

That's all! It was a LOVELY week. Some work, some play, and some people we love!...what more could you ask for?