Friday, July 16, 2010

A Week in Denmark with the Germans

Well, just got back from doing two crazy things. 1) Meeting Soeren's parents, and 2) Going on a "beach" vacation in Scandinavia, (which is actually too cold for the beach, but driving distance from Hamburg). But after a crazy June at work, I welcomed the time to sit in one place for a week and do close to nothing.

I enjoyed all of the wind turbines on the drive from Germany to Denmark. Inspiring for my next Pittsburgh assignment in our Alternative Energies group. :) Then we arrived at the house on a Saturday, which was both Soeren's birthday and a German world cup game. Made for a nice afternoon of cake and football!

We spent some days walking around the area, exploring beaches, lighthouses, little shops, etc...and a couple of days driving to nearby towns. We built a real sand castle, climbed a lighthouse, played board games, soccer in the yard, wine and conversation at night...all the stuff good vacations are made of. All in all, it went well...Everyone was very nice and accepting, with lots of good stories to tell. Thanks again to Anke and Karl-Heinz for being generous hosts!