Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Hodge-Podge of August & September

I was gently reminded to keep up my blog, as I lost track during a busy transition time. There's no where to start, so I can only throw stuff out there and hope it makes sense!

During the last days of my year in an Aerospace Supply Chain rotation, I led a trip to Singapore and Japan to develop supplier relationships in those countries. Of course, I had to slip in a long weekend in my beloved Beijing! Check out these great red lanterns on Ghost Street in Dongzhimen...they are a clear sign that you can get out of the car and find an amazing restaurant on every block.

Then we "had" to drive through 3 hours of this Japanese countryside to arrive at an electronics manufacturer:

And one shot of a few coworkers in Singapore...sipping on Tiger Beer and coconut juice, while trying to get down the extreme quantity of food, (always over-ordered, as a good Asian host should):

Of course I began missing Asia the minute I was on a plane back over the ocean. BUT, I had an apartment-finding trip in Pittsburgh, a wedding in Philadelphia, and a weekend with the family in South Carolina...all before the movers arrived in Grand Rapids to move me over to Pennsylvania at the end of August. Whew! But the best part about the drive from Michigan over to Pittsburgh, was that my favorite German landed there the same day, for the "transition week"...i.e. seeing Pittsburgh, Niagara and Toronto before I started my new rotation. This is us up on Duquesne Incline, overlooking my new city:

On the way to Toronto we stopped in Niagara to be touristy.

The most touristy part of Niagara: Bright PONCHOS! But you gotta go underneath the falls :)

And finally, one of my favorite pictures of Toronto, from our lazy day peddling around the Toronto Islands:

It was certainly a lovely welcome to my new city. Now it's time to get down to work, in a new marketing rotation! More to come on that...