Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here Come the Holidays!

This is definitely my favorite time of year. After the craziness of moving, mom visiting, my sister's accident, works trips across the country, October trip to Germany, etc. it's nice to have a little time to kick back with a lazy schedule and a lot of good food.....I mean...good people. Soeren will be here for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, making it even more special. (Although he may see it as terrifying, we'll see about that.)

October was a good month too. I had about 36 hours with my Mom up in Pittsburgh, and we wined and dined and went to the Opera. I'll have you know that there were two points where I thought to myself, "Whoa, I have one hot mama!" First, she turned ALL of the heads at this little bar near my house called the Seashell. Then, when I saw her in the little black dress, silk and heels getting ready to go out to the Opera, I thought that I should go and change because no one would even notice me next to her!
Unfortunately, little sisters have a way of demanding attention, and mom had to rush back to South Carolina to take care of her in the hospital. (Don't get your feathers ruffled people, I'm kidding.) In all seriousness, Kelsey is doing a lot better now and will probably be away from the crutches by Christmas. Word on the street has it that she can bend her knee 60 degrees now. Keep up the good work at PT!

But back to me :) You've all seen the pictures on FB of a quick trip to Bonn to see Soeren at the end of October. (Really quick=only 3 nights) The favorite is below. He's so darn good at taking pictures by sticking his hand out with the camera. And why don't I ever do my hair on the good picture days? I actually went over there to celebrate a year of being together...or putting up with each other...however you want to call it. The walk along the Rhein and snacking on Currywurst was a good memory from October 2009, so we repeated ourselves. Yummy as ever! (The scenery, the man, and the currywurst...of course)

Well it's time to light a fire in the fireplace (yes, I have one of those this year, yippee!) and make hot chocolate because FALL IS HERE! More babbling and pictures to come soon, probably right after Turkey day! I hope you all enjoy the time and are safe in your travels!

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